MatchPay – the missing link

The whole thing started from the idea of combining different existing technologies into a unique product providing features that have never been grouped together into a single e-banking application. Our aim was to create an e-banking application which makes no compromises when it comes to the security of the data transmissions.

From the functional point of view, MatchPay is a check validation and authentication software providing Positive Pay security features, while technologically speaking, it merges various existing data formats, such as QuickBooks 2002 Pro, Peachtree, MS Excel and the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format. We wanted MatchPay to be able to import checks from various sources, so the challenge was to develop import modules for each data format we wanted to use, each of them being originally developed using a different software technology.

But the greatest challenge was sending check data across the Internet under safe circumstances. As mentioned before, security of data transmissions was a major concern, as we wanted MatchPay to offer the highest security level possible for this kind of applications. And the only way to do that is make sure that security solutions are built in throughout the entire development process. The solution was to implement industry-standard PGP encryption for all email notifications, while check transmissions over the Internet were coded using complex encryption algorithms. More than that, the MatchPay application was designed as a complex structure with multi-level user access controlled via encrypted passwords. By this way, we are confident that from the security point of view, MatchPay implements many of the best security solutions available.

In the end, the Matchpay project proved to be the perfect example of how can a good idea turn into market success.

Office LetterHeads – Love at first sight…

Nothing compares to the first impression: when Peter Smith from Advenzia Ltd., a widely known design and media services company based in Herts, UK, bought one of our products, he was surely impressed, as he soon came into contact with Power House Programming, wanting to learn more about our company and the programming services we provide. He was interested especially in our software development services, since he had an idea about a new software product and he wanted to find the best way to turn it into reality. As we’re always interested in good ideas, that was the birth certificate of the Office LetterHeads project.

Mr. Smith wanted to develop a MS Outlook plugin that will allow users to radically change the way their email messages look by inserting professionally designed letterheads into the header of their email messages. With the graphics part of the project – the letterhead templates – provided by the design experts from Advenzia, he went on searching for the software development services to produce the final product.

After the first contacts, it soon became obvious that this was the beginning of a rewarding business relation, a typical win-to-win situation. With the development process going on smoothly, the business relations between Advenzia Ltd. and Power House Programming Ltd. evolved into a successful joint-venture partnership centered on the Office LetterHeads project.

By this way, the Office LetterHeads project became the most evident example of how can a good idea turn into a market success.

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