Software Development: the Outsourcing Perspective

While most of the software giants have moved their software development operations offshore, there are still companies considering software outsourcing as a risk they can’t afford. So maybe the hardest of all outsourcing challenges is attracting partners into an outsourcing experience and convincing them that the outsourcing partnership they’re about to enter is not a step into the unknown, but a journey into the future of software development.

Software Outsourcing: the New Power of Software Development

In the past few years, the development of IT as a whole led to the appearance of a new concept – Digital Divide – denoting the decisive advantage given by the presence of the IT infrastructure in a certain environment. In the software development sphere, the rapid growing of outsourcing as a business created a similar situation, as we now witness the birth of a new concept: Outsourcing Divide.

With the outsourcing boom, the way software development operations are conducted changed forever. If in the past outsourcing was an option seen mainly as a way of reducing costs, now it came to be the winner’s advantage in the software development competition. The advantages of the outsourcing business made the traditional way of using internal resources for software development tasks look less attractive; the roles have changed now, as the Outsourcing Divide concept has become reality.
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    Development Intelligence: Turning Ideas into Solutions

    Everything starts from an idea. Ideas are born deep inside our mind, through a fascinating process which involves imagination, intelligence, creativity and something more. Something from beyond the boundaries of the rational mind. Something called Inspiration.

    In the digital world, turning ideas into reality involves a different process, called software development. While producing ideas takes inspiration, tracing their contour takes knowledge. Software development is about using knowledge to find that unique combination that is the perfect representation of the original idea. It’s about using imagination to turn software products into solutions. It’s about creation.

    At Power House Programming, we use our Inspiration and Knowledge to produce digital ideas. To create new software products, or merge existing concepts into a unique combination that brings about something new. To provide turnkey solutions. To prove the power of Intelligent Software.

    The Challenges of Software Development

    During the last decade the software development business has been facing a serious crisis, involving the lack of highly trained IT personnel and the pressure to cut costs in order to survive the competition. And that’s not all: the need to periodically renew the material infrastructure in order to keep up with the rapid technological change and higher market demands are two additional factors that complete the picture and give us a better perspective over the real proportions of this crisis.

    Under these circumstances, finding a way of defeating these problems simply became the most important challenge of the software development business. And a concept which turns all these problems into advantages has all it takes to be a winner. Outsourcing became simply the solution for the software development crisis.

  • Get access to knowledge base without spending on development;
  • Get access to resources without spending on equipment and technology;
  • Get access to software professionals without spending on training;
  • Get access to ideas.
  • Get value.