Blast IM: Better Messaging

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Do you know how to send instant messages with Microsoft MSN Messenger to an offline/invisible contact?
Can you forward your conversation to another user?
Do you want to broadcast your message to multiple contacts?
Can you prevent someone from seeing your conversation while you’re away?
Do you want to log your Messenger conversations?

Now you can do all these with BlastIM!

Developed as a plugin/add-on for Microsoft MSN Messenger and integrated with its interface, BlastIM brings about new features aimed at extending the functionality of one of the world’s most used instant messengers. Briefly, BlastIM allows the users to send instant messages to offline/invisible destinations, to forward conversations to other users, to send the same message to multiple contacts or to see statistics of the contacts’ online presence.

As security plays a key role with all products developed by Power House Programming, BlastIM enforces the security features of Microsoft MSN Messenger by adding the possibility of encrypting the ongoing messages and by locking the current conversation with an access password in order to prevent unauthorized access to conversation or contacts list.

All these features make BlastIM the ideal add-on for Microsoft MSN Messenger.


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