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DocLayering is maybe the finest example of how can an innovative security solution define a new type of application. From the functional point of view, DocLayering is a layering protection software with extended features, allowing the users to protect various types of documents using a multi-level user access technology. The DocLayering application is made up by two separate components: the Editor and the Viewer. Different types of documents (MS Word documents, .txt files, Adobe Acrobat .pdf documents, etc.) can be imported into the DocLayering Editor, and saved either as a custom file format or encrypted using the PGP encryption format. Then the saved documents are delivered to their intended recipients, where they are accessed depending on the intended action – different passwords can be set according to the purpose of the action: reading, modifying certain text areas marked as allowed for editing, or full access to the entire document area. The DocLayering application also includes user management options and a PGP key generator module.

All these features make DocLayering a unique application which proves its utility in all possible situations where access to confidential information is involved.


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