IP Inventory 1.0: Configuration & Inventory tool

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Do you know exactly what hardware is installed in your computer? And how many programs are currently installed?
Now imagine you must remember all these details for all computers in the entire company LAN – hardware and software information about hundreds of computers.

IP Inventory is a unique application designed specifically for maintaining the evidence of the hardware and software configurations of the computers from a Local Area Network. The application is made up by two parts: the client and the server. The client application detects the hardware and software configuration of the local computer, while the server checks if the network client computers are online and it manages the hardware and software configuration lists received from clients. The server can also maintain the evidence of the software licences which are installed on the computers in the company LAN, and when the number of licences exceeds the reference value, it will highlight the unlicensed software. More than that, IP Inventory can create reports containing all information received from the network clients.

IPasset proves its utility especially when dealing with a large number of computers connected into a Local Area Network, when maintaining the evidence of the hardware and software configurations is a difficult and time-consuming job.


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