Security Solutions

The Internet boom, followed by the unstoppable growth of the e-commerce and e-business activities made the term “security” develop new meanings. As many discovered, apart from offering everyone access to digital information, the expansion of the Internet soon revealed the other side of the coin: unauthorized access to digital property, personal data violations, Internet attacks, and the list may go on… All these led to the birth of a new concept: digital fraud.

Digital fraud forced software companies realize that in the Internet era, “security” is the word of the moment when it comes to software development and especially Internet applications. With the software products developed by Power House Programming, security solutions are built in throughout the entire development process, as Biometrics, Smart Cards, PGP encryption and SSL connections have become industry-standard for the latest generation of Internet applications.

At Power House Programming, we offer custom security solutions for a large variety of applications, such as e-business, e-commerce or e-banking fields. Using our programming knowledge, we seek out new ways for implementing strong security features into all software products we develop, and by this way reach our goals… Protecting digital data from unauthorized access. Preventing personal privacy from being violated. Providing Security Solutions.

Powerful E-business Solutions

With the unprecedented growth of the e-business field, the demand for complex e-business solutions has risen to the highest levels ever, as all e-commerce and e-banking applications require a powerful and secure e-business infrastructure to offer the appropriate support for future needs.

The e-business solutions provided by Power House Programming cover a complete range of services, from e-business consultancy up to website marketing and positioning services.

In the e-business consultancy stage, we rely on a very active exchange of ideas in order to identify the solution that best fits the client’s e-business project. As knowledge and imagination are our main arguments, our programmers will come up with new and innovative solutions and begin tracing the contour of the e-business project to be developed.

Moving on to the next stage, we proceed to the Merchant account setup, that is taking care of all details involved with the way the payment information is transmitted and processed. At this stage, we pay extra attention to the security solutions we choose, as payment details must be securely sent over the Internet. Besides the PGP encryption and the SSL connections, we use a series of complex encryption algorithms to make sure that transaction details will not fall into wrong hands.

Our policy regarding the security field is that secure solutions must be implemented throughout the entire software development process at the structural level of the application, otherwise the overall security level of the final product will be compromised. With the e-business applications developed by Power House Programming, the PGP encryption and SSL transmissions are standard, while additional encryption algorithms may be used whenever necessary.

One of the most important things about an e-business project is the development of a solid, flexile and secure e-business infrastructure which serves as the foundation for all future improvements. This is the database development and integration stage: after carefully selecting the solution that best fits to your e-business project, we proceed with the development stage.

Directly connected with the development of an e-business turnkey solution is the website development and optimization. Plain and simple, its importance is given by its capacity of raising money. At this stage, we apply various marketing techniques, as our search engine positioning specialists come in place, searching for the best ways to promote your site to the highest rankings.

Approaching the final delivery, the overall security level of the entire project is checked once again from the functional point of view, to make sure it complies with our security standards, as our final goal is complete customer satisfaction.